Chapter 6: Hurricane Dorian || Semester Begins.


welcome back to my blog. I hope you had a great and productive week. Well, nothing fun happened this week. My plans were not actually done.

So, my island had to prepare for hurricane Dorian. We were told we will feel the effect of the hurricane by 2:00am on Tuesday morning. I pretty much stayed awake anticipating the thing to happen. Before that, I made sure I prepared for it; I had excess dry food and water in place just in case there was a water outage or any problem at all. I also stayed with friends just for company.

I was actually excited about this tropical storm because this was my first time experiencing a hurricane and also scared because the aftermaths of previous hurricane affecting other islands were really bad. I have friends in other islands that complain a lot about this natural disaster and I didn’t want that to happen to me also.

Luckily, the hurricane didn’t affect my island as bad as it was anticipated, just a weather change and few raindrops. I was communicating with my friend on another island around that time; she was pretty much scared because the hurricane hit them more. But nothing bad happened and the hurricane passed us without any damage, all thanks to God. Unfortunately, the hurricane news disrupted my plans for this week. I intended to shadow under a doctor for this week at the hospital just before a new semester. Just the news of hurricane warning killed my vibe so much.

New semester starts tomorrow and I am really excited; results of previous semester are also going to be out tomorrow. This new semester is introducing interesting courses; Behavioral Science, Epidemiology, Biostats, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Pathology 1, Microbiology and Research. This is the first time having more than 3 courses in a semester and it is going to be alot to take in, but I’m too excited that I’m not even thinking about that.

Happy new month once again. I’m expecting good things to come through for everyone this month. I believe what you’re hoping for will come through this month. What are you excited about this month? Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.


Chapter 5: Trip to Dark View Waterfall and Lower Bay Beach.


how’re you doing? it’s been long you heard from me and to be honest, I feel bad and I’m sorry. This past semester was very complicated for me, I just had to give up some fun things and focus more on school and studying. A quick recap, final exams for MD 2 were last two weeks. Before then, I’ve been doing a lot of self-studying and group studying, most especially for Neuroscience and Anatomy 2. The exams came out awesome, all thanks to God. I took the rest of the week off, doing basically nothing (just eating and sleeping).

Just last week, I had to cool off further; my friends and I embarked on a journey to the Dark View Waterfall on Wednesday. It was extremely far from where we live, however, the journey was worth it. I had so much fun with my friends and it was cool.

then, I took a trip to Bequia just on Saturday to Lower Bay Beach and to be honest, this was the best trip EVER!! The beach was very cool, clear waters, few people and very peaceful environment. I wanted to stay there longer, but had to catch a boat back to my island. It was really fun to spend quality time with friends and I really enjoyed it. I want to thank God for the safe trip and also for good people around me, including my family and friends far away from me. I really appreciate you guys.

School resumes next week; so I have just this week left to relax. I’m going to use this week to prepare for a new semester, revise previous things I’ve learned so far and read ahead for the new things coming. What will you be doing this new week ? Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.


Chapter 4: My June Recap.

Hey guys, How’s your week going? I hope its been good. I’m sorry it’s been long you heard from me, alot has been happening and I didn’t have the time to post; but I’m still going to give a recap of this month.

So far, I had my second block exams and this has been the toughest and most confusing exam I have encountered in medical school. Confusing in the fact that I had both my highest and lowest scores in one block exam. The Anatomy exam was really challenging for me because the questions and clinical cases were unexpected and it hit me so hard, I was literally on the hot seat. However, physiology was the exact opposite; I was so happy that I had something to compensate Anatomy.

It’s Carnival season here and it’s been rowdy. I don’t think I’ll be attending any of the activities because it’s stressful and I prefer using this break for netflix and chill. However, it still depends on my mood; I really want to explore the Caribbean culture, but then, I’m still trying to arrange myself and adapt fully to this new environment while having enough time to balance this with my academics.

Also this month, I became attached to so many Hillsong Worship songs. The songs kept reminding me of how awesome and wonderful my God is and how it is a great privilege to serve God. From the lyrics to the voices, the songs gave me a deep vibe to always keep worshiping God and so far, I don’t have any regret in serving God. Here are some of the songs I would want you guys to listen to. There are so many and I keep discovering more, but right now, these are my favs;

  • Clean (Live).
  • Seasons (Live).
  • Be Still.
  • Beautiful Exchange.
  • Cornerstone.
  • Highlands (Song of Ascent) [Live].
  • Another in the Fire (Live).
  • Open Heaven (River Wild).
  • Crowns.
  • Behold (Then Sings My Soul).
  • Elohim.
  • Grace To Grace.

I hope you guys would enjoy these songs like I did. Also, there are so many songs out there that I haven’t listened to, so you can comment your best songs and I would love to listen to them too. Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.


Chapter 3: The White Coat Ceremony.

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Hope you all have been great? Sorry I couldn’t make a post last week, I had my exams so I had a lot to cover. Gladly, I passed all papers which kept me wondering why I panicked in the first place. But then, that added to my drive to prepare well. I was stressed out afterwards but luckily I had my white coat ceremony to look forward to.

The white coat ceremony is an event where first year medical students get officially sworn into the medical profession. The Hippocratic Oath was taken along with motivational speeches from our deans and president of the Student Government Association. If there was anything I got from those speeches, it would have to be knowing the importance of having a balanced life because every little detail of our lives, like the human body, makes us whole and also, knowing that being empaths is what makes the greatest physicians.

I would like to congratulate my friends and colleagues who I know are so deserving of this honor. I see you all on a daily basis, working, stressing and loving every bit of it with purpose I am only hopeful that the future would be rewarding and great!

To God, from whom all strength, grace and favor are received, be all the glory!

I believe as medical students, it is important to socialize every now and then. Therefore, I am grateful for my little circle of ambitious, Godly and crazy (in an awesome way) friends who I get to unwind and reconnect to the world with. Because indeed, the medical journey is one wild ride but I’m here for it.

You guys should subscribe to my friend’s Youtube channel.

Another great news, no school on Monday and Tuesday. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve legit planned my two days. I saw Dark Phoenix yesterday and I’ve dedicated these days to watching the whole X-Men franchise from 2000 to 2016 and chilling (do a little reading also).

What good news did you hear this past week? Don’t forget to give God the glory for every good thing that happened to you this last week and for the new things that you’re anticipating this coming week. Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.


Chapter 2.

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I hope your week was good as mine. Well, my week wasn’t really awesome; but still, I have so many things to thank God for. First of, I’m so happy and excited that my friends in Babcock University are graduating soon. I really wish I could make it to their convocation, but then, I’m there in the spirit. I also want to congratulate my friend who just got admitted to a medical school and will be commencing very soon. I’m happy for her because it’s been so much hardwork, dedication and patience.

I was privileged to listen to a podcast titled ”One More Time” by Joel Osteen this week and it was inspiring. It talked about how God knows every mistake we make and how he has lined up mercy for each mistake. when we fall down, the key is we shouldn’t stay down and continue building up the guilt in ourselves, instead we should shake off the guilt and condemnation, come boldly to the throne of grace and receive mercy from God. (Hebrews 4:16).

I had a lot to do this last week and I was really bothered. I was lacking behind in physiology and was really anxious that I won’t catch up. The workload was just too massive. I still had to revise and keep in touch with my anatomy lessons. And then, there’s Neuroscience to do. The lecturer is just a busy man and doesn’t have our time. So I’m going to lecture myself in this course, not waiting for the lecturer any longer. First block exams are around the corner and I haven’t gotten everything together. I have to dedicate this new week to extra study hours and less social media. Right now, I’m making a study plan on how I’ll catch up (Study plans have never worked for me, I just study when and what i feel like).

What are you doing this new week? Have you made a plan or you’re gonna freestyle it? Anyhow it goes, don’t forget to put God first. Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.

Chapter 1: And It Begins.

Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you had a productive and stress-free week. This week was the first week of resumption and it was awesome. I got to meet new doctors that will be lecturing us throughout this semester and I got introduced to new courses; Anatomy of the head and neck, Physiology and Neuroscience. This week wasn’t stressful but the workload was still massive. We completed 6 lecture presentations and 3 lab works just in Physiology (mostly talking about Pulmonary ventilation and Respiration). Anatomy of the head is a kind of complicated. Hence, we are taking that and progressing slowly. We just completed the bones of the skull, joints, cranial nerves, facial nerves and some muscles of the face. I personally prefer anatomy to others because it is easier to grasp and understand. The clinical cases I study regularly gives detailed explanation and better understanding. We haven’t done a lot in Neuroscience because the doctor taking us is always busy; it seems I’ll have to put a lot of effort and self-learning for Neuroscience.

I have good news, guys. My white coat ceremony has been announced and it’s coming up very soon. White coat ceremony is like matriculation for medical students. I wasn’t expecting to actually participate in a white coat ceremony but I really want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to. I also want to appreciate my friends and family for all the encouragement. Finally, I want to congratulate my colleagues that are participating in the white coat ceremony. They worked hard to get this far and they really deserve this.

I also got to finish two plans from my bible app this week. One titled “The Right Moves” by Rani Jonathan and the other, ”Living A Life of Gratitude” by Abide Prayer.

The first, by Rani Jonathan talks about the choices we make which can lead to death or a new beginning. We should not only know what we want and pursue them, but we should walk in the light of God’s word for the right direction. Jesus is our inspiration when it comes to doing the right things and being in the right place at the right time. So, we should pray to God to enable us make the right moves and decisions and get guidance from the holy spirit.

The second, by Abide Prayer is simply about thanking God. There are so many things to thank God for; for life, for family and friends, for education, for career, for good news and bad news and many others. We should always endeavor to have a true thankful spirit. It helps in our spiritual growth.

What are you really thankful for ? It’s better to remember the good things and write it down. Don’t be sad or anxious about this new week; instead, commit it to God and enter this new week with smile. Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.


The Road So Far.


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I’m happy you’re here and reading this. I’m not familiar with blogging and I know I will make a lot of mistakes but I’m grateful you took the time to view this post. Basically, this post will be an introduction.

I am Balogun Daniel. I am twenty something years and from Nigeria. I am a christian (number 1 Jesus fan) and currently a medical student; this is actually the foundation of my blog, trying to discover the world around medicine and balancing my spiritual life and education. I just entered medical school this January and so far, it’s been a lot to handle. The transition from an undergraduate degree to medicine was actually tougher than I expected, but I think I’m going to pull through because I have God on my side. I have so many things to share with you guys; the journey throughout this medical school, my growth mentally and spiritually and my goals after school, so I believe its going to be one crazy ride. Just try to keep up.

Right now,

  • I am listening to a podcast by Joel Osteen – Buried Alive.
  • I am preparing for a new semester that’s starting tomorrow (now I get to observe physical diagnosis in the hospital).
  • I am thinking of how I’ll study for Neuroscience and Anatomy.
  • I am hoping this week will be stress-free and productive.

I’m hoping this week will be fun and productive for you guys. Feel free to send me a message on IG (@danielbalogun) or in the comment below about what you hope for this week. Please like, drop your comments and subscribe.